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  • Sonia Layne-Gartside

    Sonia Layne-Gartside

    Guilty of speaking the truth. I help ambitious women lead, make moves and produce their best under pressure.

  • Goldburn P. Maynard Jr.

    Goldburn P. Maynard Jr.

    I’m a professor of business law & ethics. I teach ethics and I research wealth inequality and taxation. I’m also very interested in matters of race and gender.

  • Open Environmental Data Project

    Open Environmental Data Project

    Building environmental hardware interoperability while changing the way data is shared, verified & used. Learn more at openenvironmentaldata.org

  • Mission


    Stories & podcasts that make smart people smarter: www.Mission.org. The Mission Daily: www.apple.co/2KMXjhQ. The Story podcast: www.apple.co/2HEcveQ.

  • Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra

    Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra

  • Julia Stewart Lowndes

    Julia Stewart Lowndes

  • Laura Sievers

    Laura Sievers

    Writer. Mother. Midwest native living on the east coast.

  • The Cut

    The Cut

    Showing the world what women are made of

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